Processing large amounts of data in JavaScript

Have you ever wondered why when you are processing a lot of data (for example thousands of DOM manipulation) browser usually freezes? It’s because of the way JavaScript works. It makes use only of one thread at a time. It can’t multitask. So all the events are being queued – mouse click, animations, data processing and so on. When you do some large computation, JavaScript is solving that problem and only after it is finished with it, then it moves to other events. Continue reading “Processing large amounts of data in JavaScript”

Create simple HTML5 canvas “game” using pure JavaScript

I have always been interested in games. Now that I’m learning JavaScript programming, I decided to make a simple “game” in HTML5 canvas element. Disclaimer: this is my first tutorial on building a game in JavaScript so there might be some bugs and mistakes. Continue reading “Create simple HTML5 canvas “game” using pure JavaScript”

My Favorite HTML5 Games


I loveplaying games. All kinds of games. Recently, I got into JavaScript development and one of the main reasons I gave it a try was these beautiful HTML5 games. If you never played a HML5 game (“it’s too slow, bad graphics, no 3D…), I challenge you to play at least one of these. You will be surprised about how good and addictive they are.  Continue reading “My Favorite HTML5 Games”

My JavaScript Journey

Some time ago, when I was building my first websites, they were mostly static with no effects. After that I’ve discovered a library called jQuery. Nowadays it’s so popular that anybody who has done just a little website creation knows that it exists.

So, I read some tutorials on how to do various animations and effects with jQuery and I thought that I’m pretty good at JavaScript. However, I was completely wrong. When I tried to do something at my own, such as make a more complex function that does something, I was lost in JavaScript jungle. I simply could not understand why something works and other doesn’t. JS is so different from class-like languages such as Java or C++. Continue reading “My JavaScript Journey”

How to completely integrate Facebook (with Open Graph) into your website

In the last couple of years, a well-known social website Facebook has spread all over the whole Internet. There exist almost 1000 million of user accounts on the website and people  spent there in average 405 minutes per month.

Facebook 'Like' Hand

Continue reading “How to completely integrate Facebook (with Open Graph) into your website”

What is Sublime Text 2 and why you should use it.

Have you ever heard about a beautifully powerful all-text editor Sublime Text 2? No? Well, then you were missing out a great tool. The author of this application states it the best:

[quote]Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance.[/quote]


Sublime Text 2 blank window

Yeah, that’s right – no bragging.

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Why I use Django for developing websites

I’ve always been the PHP-type of programmer and did everything in it. However, the last year I somehow discovered Django web framework and immediately fell in love with it 🙂 I’m going to outline several reasons why I use and prefer it to other web frameworks.Django Website

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