My Favorite HTML5 Games


I loveplaying games. All kinds of games. Recently, I got into JavaScript development and one of the main reasons I gave it a try was these beautiful HTML5 games. If you never played a HML5 game (“it’s too slow, bad graphics, no 3D…), I challenge you to play at least one of these. You will be surprised about how good and addictive they are. Here is the quick list:

1. Bombermine 

I’m sorry but I don’t have any screenshot for this game. You know why? Because it is so addictive that I played it for 10 hours in just 3 days! I had to block it in my firewall 😀 Bombermine is a remake of the classical Bomberman game where you play as a Bomberman and place those bombs on the ground. Bombermine is better than the original because it is a MMO. Yeah. You play on a big map with plenty of other gamers and your task is to kill as many opponents as possible. Along the way you can pick up many upgrades and enhancements that strengthen your firing power, running speed and other stats.
[box type=”pros”]


  • great graphics
  • multiplayer with many opponents
  • plenty upgrades for your hero
  • nyan cat!


[box type=”cons”]


  • addictive as hell
  • Russian language
  • heavy on CPU (at least in my case)


2. Command And Conquer – Tiberian Dawn

command and conquer


Every hardcore RTS fan has played the original Command and Conquer, right? I have good news for you. Aditya Ravi Shankar has built this game in such way to resemble the original CaC as most as possible. As of time of writing this post, the game supports playing single player (both NOD and GDI) and multiplayer (a bit laggy). It has some missions but not all of them. I hope he will improve the game in the near future so we can enjoy the full potential of the game.

[box type=”pros”]


  • multiplayer
  • true RTS in JavaScript
  • full screen
  • intro videos, music and voices


[box type=”cons”]


  • laggy multiplayer
  • only a few missions
  • no skirmish


3. Z-Type

ztypeZ-Type is HTML5 game built on Impact Game Engine, one of the best JS game engines out there (in my opinion). Main objective of this game is to kill enemies by writing words they “carry” with them. It might seem a bit boring but trust me, it is very hard and challenging in higher levels. There is also an Expert Mode for people who want to skip the easy levels and can write fast.

The good thing about the game is that it is really fast and also runs on mobile devices.













4. Pirates Love Daisies

A classical Tower Defense based game, Pirates Love Daisies is a great example of how powerful HTML5 canvas element in combination with JavaScript are. The game was built by gskinner.com, the same person who developed CreateJS suite intended for building JS games and applications.

[box type=”pros”]


  • addictive and entertaining game 
  • various levels and enemies
  • beautiful additional effects that can be switched on/off



That’s it! These are my favorite JavaScript games. I know there are dozens of other splendid games out there, but these 4 are the most addictive and enjoyable for me. Do you have your list of favorite HTML5 games? Show it in comments below 🙂

8 thoughts on “My Favorite HTML5 Games

    • yes 😀 I used it in that way because in the Bombermine case, I was really addicted to the game, playing it all the time, so It was bad. But in Pirates Love Daisies, it is addictive in a way that you complete all the maps and then the addiction starts to wear off.


      • Ondrej Fabry

        Is really ‘addictive’ game bad? Is the ‘addictive’ part of the game developer’s fault? Should one take precautions when developing game and try to make the game “not-so-much-addictive”? Isn’t it really the point, to “be addicted”? To enjoy the entertainment, immersion or mental satisfaction so much that you want to play again? Imho, game should never be treated negatively when talking about ‘addictive’ aspects.


      • Well, to be honest, you are right on this one. Games are (or perhaps should be) always build in the most addictive way so people won’t stop playing them. Even more when they are based on monthly or yearly subscription. Although I’m with you on this argument, I won’t change it to the pro because it was really bad for me back then 😀

        Anyways, I really appreciate your comments and thoughts. Keep it up!


  1. Hey, C&C – HTML5 dev here… Just discovered this post… Thanks and glad you enjoyed my work…

    After a loooong hiatus, I will finally be getting back to polishing up this game and adding more levels and interesting game types to multiplayer ….

    Always feels nice to be appreciated 🙂


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