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Contributing to WordPress Core — what, why and how

Lately, I’ve been thinking about dedicating a few hours weekly to working on WordPress Core. I have many reasons to do so. Challenging myself and improving my programming and communication skills, while expanding my portfolio are some of them. But what’s that “Core” thing? And even if you know that, why should you care? You are not a charity and don’t have time to waste, right? In today’s article, I’ll show you that contributing to WordPress Core is one of the best things you can do as a web developer, plus you’ll learn how to start, especially what resources to study and who to listen to.
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Full-Time WordPress Fanatic resumed

You might have noticed that I didn’t write new articles for 2-3 months, only very seldomly. It was caused by me having to finish my bachelor’s thesis and prepare for my bachelor’s state exams, which, by the way, I successfully passed (yay).

Actually, no, or, just partially. The true reason for not writing articles and helping my fellow WordPressers is that I’m fucking lazy. Yeah, I admit that.

I know I should write more. I know I should contribute to WordPress more. And I can’t say I doesn’t enjoy it when I finally get to it.

Well, luckily, I have a mind trick up my sleeve. With my best friend, we’ve agreed to sit together in a café and write articles for two hours on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting from next week, till at least to the end of the summer. The only exception is holidays during which I won’t have an Internet access. Hope that won’t happen much.

Let’s do this!

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Bachelor’s thesis is finished!

After weeks of hard work, WordPress Performance Optimizations thesis is finally finished! Download it here. If you find any mistakes, whether grammatical or technical, let me know, please.

I will be putting the work into a GitBook format during summer so it will be completely open source, anyone will be able to make modifications (pull requests welcome) and hopefully, it will become one of the biggest resources for all things performance in the WordPress community.


PS: some links:

WordPress-Ansible (automation used in the work) on GitHub: wordpress-ansible
The thesis on Hacker News: link
My Twitter profile: link

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Rant about WordPress security

Having a secure web application is a top priority of any company and web developers. Lately, WordPress has been a subject of much security discussions. Several large vulnerabilities were revealed. Fortunately, they have all been fixed so if you update your site, you are safe once again. I have zero issues with WordPress security — just the opposite — I think it is rock solid. I have problems with people and companies claiming that WordPress is insecure, some of them even building their businesses on this premise. “Our custom solution is much better. Don’t use WordPress. It sucks”, they say.
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Staying at the top of the WordPress game

In the WordPress world, things move and evolve quickly. Tens — sometimes hundreds — of new issues pop up each day. Modifications to WordPress Core happen on daily basis. The community is vibrant, doing something all the time. That’s good. What’s even better is to start following these changes. You could become a better WordPress developer that way. Which sites, blogs and resources to subscribe to, though? Read More