Tools used for performance measurement and profiling

Now that we have installed all of the required server components, we need to install and make ourselves familiar with multiple performance measuring tools and utilities. The aim of this work is to provide the most accurate results thus we have to use as much benchmarking tools as possible. Server-side benchmarking utilities htop On the […]

Setting up a testing environment

Before we can do any real benchmarking runs, we firstly need to set up our testing environment. For these purposes, we will be using a VPS with Ubuntu 14.04 pre-installed. To reproduce the steps, you can install that version of Ubuntu on your local machine or buy a cheap VPS plan from or any […]

Introduction to our work and prerequisites

Before we dive into all the details our work contains, let us outline a brief introduction of the composition of the paper. Testing environment Firstly, we need to setup our testing environment. It will include Apache HTTP and Nginx as web serving applications. Then, we will install and setup PHP v5.6 and the latest HHVM […]

Author’s motivation and background story

How the author got into writing a paper on WordPress performance optimizations? When I was younger (about 12–13 years old), I started to wonder about how the Internet and the web sites work and from what are they made of. That marked my life-long interest in web development. A few years ago, me and my […]

What is WordPress and why it needs performance optimizations

A brief introduction to WordPress To cite, WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. Simply put, WordPress is a very powerful, open source web publishing software, content management system and a web platform for building rich web applications. People and companies are using WordPress for various purposes […]