Why use Sage starter theme for your next web app

When thinking about your new WordPress web site or application, developers usually look for the best prebuilt WordPress theme. Some reasons for doing so: To save as much time as possible. Learn best practices from fellow skillful web developers. Explore new areas. Sage — a starter theme from the Roots.io guys — belongs to the […]

Beautiful web design frameworks

For my upcoming WordPress-based web application I need to create a nice design of its front-end. The first step is to wireframe the site so you have a basic idea of its layout. After that, the wireframes are transformed into a usable and appealing design. Nowadays, there are plenty of HTML/CSS frameworks which can constitute […]

Tools for WordPress projects development

After getting into developing WordPress-based web applications and sites, the first thing I did was to find as many dev-useful software as possible. Tools save you great amount of time when you work on your projects. Proficiency in working with them usually tell apart the professional programmers from the amateur ones. I knew WordPress ecosystem is […]

Hunt for the best WordPress theme on GitHub

There is myriad of free WordPress themes all around the web. On the other hand, only a few of them are developed in the open, on GitHub. Those which are benefit from many contributions all done free of charge by many skilled WordPress developers. This weekend, I went on a mission to find the “best” […]