Contributing to WordPress Core — what, why and how

Lately, I’ve been thinking about dedicating a few hours weekly to working on WordPress Core. I have many reasons to do so. Challenging myself and improving my programming and communication skills, while expanding my portfolio are some of them. But what’s that “Core” thing? And even if you know that, why should you care? You […]

What’s that “git” everybody is talking about?

When meeting new developers, one of the first things they ask me is whether I use Git during a theme or a plugin development. “Yes, of course, I couldn’t imagine my life without it”. A few years ago, though, the answer would be a puzzled look followed by a feeling of inferiority and shame. Their […]

EasyEngine — all in one server configurator

To me, building WordPress sites and applications is mostly fun — from listening to client’s requirements to showing her the finished site. This process, though, consists of one important, but not very fun part: deployment. Using a cheap hosting solution, with no WordPress optimizations, might work for some but when you want to be sure […]

Hosting Review: DigitalOcean

When it comes to the time of choosing a server hosting provider for our WordPress site, we end up with zillion of various options, ranging from bare-bones Linux-based web server to a managed hosting with optimizations and everything. The first step is to realize our budget, abilities and needs: Do we have money for this […]

Themify Flow First Impression

After writing a short review of LayersWP theme builder, I got contacted by Nick La of to do a similar review of their new, free and open source theme builder Flow. I’m always excited about new technologies. Theme builders are no exception. Playing with Flow for a while, I got really enthusiastic about it. […]

Bachelor’s thesis is finished!

After weeks of hard work, WordPress Performance Optimizations thesis is finally finished! Download it here. If you find any mistakes, whether grammatical or technical, let me know, please. I will be putting the work into a GitBook format during summer so it will be completely open source, anyone will be able to make modifications (pull […]

Apache, Nginx, PHP, HHVM? Test it yourself! Ansible

The most typical conversation (aside from which plugins to use) in the WordPress sphere is about the speed comparisons between various web serving software like Apache or Nginx. There are tens of articles with nice charts and big claims on the Internet: Nginx is faster than Apache. HHVM is faster than PHP-FPM and so on. […]

Rant about WordPress security

Having a secure web application is a top priority of any company and web developers. Lately, WordPress has been a subject of much security discussions. Several large vulnerabilities were revealed. Fortunately, they have all been fixed so if you update your site, you are safe once again. I have zero issues with WordPress security — […]