Author’s motivation and background story

How the author got into writing a paper on WordPress performance optimizations? When I was younger (about 12–13 years old), I started to wonder about how the Internet and the web sites work and from what are they made of. That marked my life-long interest in web development. A few years ago, me and my […]

What is WordPress and why it needs performance optimizations

A brief introduction to WordPress To cite, WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. Simply put, WordPress is a very powerful, open source web publishing software, content management system and a web platform for building rich web applications. People and companies are using WordPress for various purposes […]

Coding in the cloud without the need of local environment

At our company, we have been getting a few WordPress-based website jobs lately. Usually, three of us work simultaneously on such a project and need to edit the same codebase with the same database (so the theme settings and content stays the same). We can share the changed files through git and database through exports […]

How To Fix WordPress 3.8 ImageMagic Media Upload Error

Lately, I’ve been working on some WordPress projects for my clients and had this ‘Http Error’ when uploading images (only images) to the Media Library. What didn’t help? – Switching to the browser uploader. (When I switched I had a Proxy Error and blank page instead.) – Chmoding wp-content/uploads or the entire WordPress directory to […]

Writing WordPress Articles with Code Examples in Vim using Markdown

Lately, I’v been thinking about writing blog articles in Vim and finally, I found a solution! But before we get to the how to part of the article, let my first outline some of the reasons I wanted to use Vim for article writing instead of WordPress online text editor.